CISO Digital Transformation Roundtable Dinner | Mar 25, 2018 | Truluck's Miami - Miami, FL, USA




Operations & Technology - THE BIG FAIL - Why Most Cyber Organizations Operations Don't Meet Their Goals?

Think Tank - 6:45 pm - 9:00 pm

Often network defense organizations are built up around the technology that is purchased and not the specific operational problems that the cyber security organization needs to solve. Many believe that by deploying the technology rudiments of a network defense architecture and then supporting it with a team addresses their cyber security needs. At best invest and pray strategies do not work, at worst they provide a thin veneer of order covering the true chaos. How do you encourage, leverage and embrace the creative solutions your security team can offer with the right balance of operations capability and technology. We'd like our participants to share their experiences in developing and setting your strategy for both operations and technology. Areas of technology often deployed but never balanced against their operational impacts are;

  • Do you have deployed technologies that aren't necessarily balanced against their operational impacts? 
  • Threat information and Sharing - effective measures and ROI.  
  • What role does asset visibility play in your organization and what does vulnerability management provide if total visibility is not available? 
  • How does your investment in the 'Cloud' achieve the same level of cyber security visibility as your enterprise IT platforms.
  • Are you inundated by Out-of-the-Box Security? What level of customization and tuning has been effective? Do you leverage a development team?

Presented by:

Chris Coryea, International Cyber Intelligence Services Manager, Leidos View details



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